Our Story

Our name, Bel Mare, means ‘beautiful sea’ in Italian, and here in Key West we are surrounded by just that. Our passionate chef seeks to bring the two unique cultures together and does so with years of experience working on the water with other talented, award-winning chefs. Here, he specializes in homemade pastas with from-scratch sauces, sourcing elite ingredients, and bringing Key West’s own seafood to you in an unrivaled dining experience. He doesn’t stop there as he creates a menu full of delicious appetizers and salads, delectable desserts and absolutely amazing entrees!

In addition to the fantastic food, we boast Italian and craft beer selections, dessert wines, and an extensive Italian wine menu that will leave even the pickiest wine drinker satisfied. However, it’s the craft cocktail program driven by a chef turned bartender that sets our restaurant apart from others. His love for flavors, flora, fermentation, and firewaters of the world bring together a program that even freestanding bars salivate over; unique, hard to procure whiskeys, rums, tequilas, gins, absinthes and the like will make your evening eventful!

While the food and beverages are enough to create lasting memories, it’s the dining room on the second story that elevates you and your experience over the historic Key West Bight and A&B Marina. Your views, much like the cafes and bistros of coastal Italy are suspended over the gorgeous water, full of sea life, awe-inspiring yachts, sailing vessels, and views of a bustling boardwalk. Here in Key West, Bel Mare doesn’t just mean beautiful sea, but beautiful memories.